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Make your outside match your inside

Our Approach

As a human, you are hard-wired to be an external being. You have a body and senses, you DO things and accomplish things. You are rooted in the external world. It’s how you move forward in life and interact with the people and the world around you.

You look for external validation to make you feel worthy, valued and loved.

You are not alone. This is all part of The Experience of Being Human.

However, constantly responding to the external environment you live in can feel a bit overwhelming, unsatisfying and empty.

In order to create the life you desire, you have to be connected to your internal self. That’s what creates freedom, alignment, joy, and fulfillment so you can create the life you CHOOSE.

Red Baron Coaching helps create meaningful change on the outside that is rooted in your inner authenticity.

That’s Transformation!

“Meaningful relationship, business growth, personal development”

“I can’t say enough about what hiring Kerri has meant to my personal and professional growth. I’m a year into our program and I’m a very different person. I was struggling to push my business past it’s stagnancy, was struggling to get past personal stagnancy, and in general was just feeling stuck and lacking direction and motivation…It is no coincidence that since working with her I have met my life partner and am having a deeply meaningful relationship, and have grown my business by 40%……in a PANDEMIC year! Kerri has been one of my best investments.”

– Stephanie J. –

WHY Red Baron?

“Come on, Snoop, let’s go!”

That’s what my dad used to say when I was a kid. He started calling me Snoop because I used to sit on top of my neighbor’s doghouse where I spent my days imagining all of the amazing things I could accomplish!

My dad and I would go on many adventures together and his nickname for me always gave me a sense of belonging and made me feel safe, protected and loved.

In Snoopy’s imagined adventures on his doghouse as the “Red Baron,” he battled wars,  faced loneliness, and discovered love. Red Baron Coaching is here to help you assess the risks and threats, the stressful decisions and the armor you use to protect yourself from the external world. Win your battle with fear and connect, instead, to your inner authority, approaching the world through love, compassion and acceptance.


Kerri Balliet

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Kerri brings decades of personal and professional experience, along with impressive training and credentials to her work as a transformational coach. Her calling is to help people connect with the world around them through personal authenticity. She works with clients to transform themselves from the inside out giving them the opportunity to live more meaningful, joyful and authentic lives so they can achieve their bad-ass dreams instead of sitting on the sidelines.  

Kerri found herself drawn to the experience of being human after she watched her wife of 12 years fight and eventually lose a long and hard-fought battle with ovarian cancer. Then, after spending 35 years in corporate operations and business management, leading large teams through many changes and re-organizations, she found herself transitioned out of what she thought was her dream job.

It was through these experiences that Kerri’s own transformational journey began. She started her own company, and worked with corporations and individuals while deepening her training as a coach. In 2019, Kerri received her Transformational Leadership certificate from Cardinal Stritch, and her CVACC transformational coaching accreditation from Coachville. In 2020, she received her certification as a Higher Ground Leadership® coach with The Secretan Center as well as her PCC coaching accreditation.