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The Permission to Play

Remember when you were little, and you played in the sandbox with your friends? I know it was a while ago, but just go with it! Deep in your own world, you were fully engaged in whatever silly thing you made up, unconcerned about what

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It’s Time to Break Up with “Back to Normal”

We’ve all been through a tremendous amount of change in the last year and a half, from toilet paper and Tiger King to racial injustice and geopolitical unrest. We’ve lost the sense of security that “normal” gave us in our individual lives, our communities, our

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What To Do When You’re At Max Capacity

You know the feeling. You say to yourself, “I cannot handle one more thing.” And then, it happens. Another crisis email hits your inbox. Someone cuts in front of you on the freeway. Your friend asks you to do them a favor. Your child calls

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Don’t Burst Your Own Bubble

Welcome to the “bubble.” The place where nothing else exists except the present moment. The place where you feel connected to yourself and the people and the spaces around you. You are happy, healthy and joyful. You feel care for, loved and at peace. You

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Own Your Superpowers, Overcome Your Kryptonite

Did you know that your biggest superpower and your most draining kryptonite come from the same source? It’s true. Just like superman, you have power that lives inside of you that can help propel you forward. You also have internal mechanisms that hold you back

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Is Your Baggage a Source of Burden or Freedom?

From the time you were born until this present moment, you have been learning from each and every encounter and experience you have. You carry all of it with you, and it shapes how you interact with and respond to the world around you. I

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Houston, We Have A Problem

Problems manifest in our external world every day. My friend called me last week to tell me that her ceiling was leaking in her dining room…big problem, right? Or is it actually a symptom? This got me thinking about problems and symptoms and the fact

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