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Don’t Burst Your Own Bubble

Welcome to the “bubble.” The place where nothing else exists except the present moment. The place where you feel connected to yourself and the people and the spaces around you. You are happy, healthy and joyful. You feel care for, loved and at peace. You

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Own Your Superpowers, Overcome Your Kryptonite

Did you know that your biggest superpower and your most draining kryptonite come from the same source? It’s true. Just like superman, you have power that lives inside of you that can help propel you forward. You also have internal mechanisms that hold you back

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Is Your Baggage a Source of Burden or Freedom?

From the time you were born until this present moment, you have been learning from each and every encounter and experience you have. You carry all of it with you, and it shapes how you interact with and respond to the world around you. I

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Houston, We Have A Problem

Problems manifest in our external world every day. My friend called me last week to tell me that her ceiling was leaking in her dining room…big problem, right? Or is it actually a symptom? This got me thinking about problems and symptoms and the fact

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What Ripples Are You Creating?

We are all connected. Yes, it’s true.  Our energy, actions and reactions extend into the world and mix and meld together causing a Ripple Effect.  Everything you do in life causes a ripple on someone or something else…the red light you stopped at, the kiss you

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When S*#% Happens

Okay, so some challenging stuff went down last year. Let’s just put it out there…a lot of it sucked. Everyone got pushed out of their comfort zones whether you wanted to or not. How was your experience? What challenges did you face? What reactions did

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