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Do You Create Intimate Relationships with Others in Your Organization?

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Intimacy allows us to comfort one another in our sorrow and celebrate our joys. We are human and have the need to laugh, to cry, to embrace and show affection. We all crave love and intimacy — to be seen at a deeper level — past our personality and into our souls. Do you let your guard down so you can create intimate relationships with others?

This is all about vulnerability for me. Can I be vulnerable enough with myself to let it all go and just be me…the good, the bad, the ugly? I have been working on my intimacy with myself. Loving and accepting myself just the way I am so that I can be comfortable being vulnerable with other people. I find that I can only be as intimate with other people as I am willing to be with myself. I need to be able to let my guard down with myself before I can even think about leaving my representative at home and showing up as my true self.

This is hard enough to do with my personal relationships. How do I incorporate this into my business relationships? WOW! That takes it to a whole other level. I want my company to love and honor people for the gifts they bring to the world and to create a profound sense of belonging for every person we come in contact with. And as a leader, I want to create a culture where my employees (when I have them) feel that they can bring their whole selves to work. For me this means intimacy starts with me. Baring my soul to myself and truly loving myself for exactly who I am right now. When I can do that, then I can open my heart, let my guard down, honor the journey of others and love them for exactly who they are.

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