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Do You Lead From Your Heart or From Your Head?

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Leadership is about opening the heart and inspiring yourself and others. It’s about the human experience. It comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine. Do you lead from the heart?

I used to subscribe to the “it’s all about the process mentality.” I’m a good problem-solver so figuring out processes, finding efficiencies and creating structures are my superpowers. I also thought I needed to be the expert and have all of the answers. If I really think about it, I was probably leading from my head 60% of the time and leading from my heart 40% of the time. I needed to see a clear path and have the answers before I felt like I could do my best work or that sick feeling would pop up in my stomach and my chest would get tight. My survival intentions stopped me in my tracks every time.

Now my goal is to lead from my heart 100% of the time. I want to leave expert Kerri behind and become heart centered living Kerri. Leading from my heart allows me to connect with myself and my purpose and allows me to be of service to others. And that is the space I want to live in and the experience I want to have!

I’m on my way…every person I coach, every company I work with and every person I meet is centered in leading from the heart. This is a process. It takes awareness, intention and practice…lots and lots of practice.

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