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Do You Practice Integrity and Encourage Justice?

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We have an internal desire for people to have integrity when interacting with each other. The acceptance of truth, our truth, is important. We want people to be impartial, represent the facts and be non-judgmental. Words like honesty, allegiance and accuracy come to mind. Do you encourage justice?

Wow! This is a hard one for me. How do I encourage justice? It took me a bit to be able to articulate this. The first thought that comes to mind is being tied to an outcome. If I already have the outcome figured out in my head, then I’m not encouraging justice. If I want it my way or if I think the other person should behave in a certain way, I’m not encouraging justice. This is part of my agenda and baggage that I need to examine (hello my old friend control and command). What is making me want things to go my way so badly? What is making me so darn uncomfortable?

I want to live my life with integrity so I can encourage justice. What are the behaviors that define integrity for me…doing what I say I will do, staying true to my destiny, character and purpose (Why, Be Do ®), owning my mis-steps and practicing humility. And finally, accepting people where they are at on their journey. I want to stay curious so I can ask questions that will help me understand where they are coming from instead of trying to prove I’m right.

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