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It Takes a Strong Person to Be Gentle

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It takes a strong person to be gentle. One with the courage to pause, to reflect, to listen, to love and to empathize. Are you gentle? I am very gentle with other people. Empathy is one of my top 5 Strengthfinder strengths. And I am very focused on being caring, loving and supportive of other people. However, I am not so gentle on myself. In fact, I often say I would not allow myself to be in a relationship with me. I would make me break up with myself!

So, why is it so hard for me to be gentle with myself? Part of it’s my personality (I’m results driven), part of it’s my backpack (German culture and my family values) and part of it is my survival intentions. For various reasons, it is not safe for me to be gentle with myself. I think it might be tied to loving and accepting myself and knowing that I am enough. It looks like I have some exploring to do!

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