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Own Your Superpowers, Overcome Your Kryptonite

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Did you know that your biggest superpower and your most draining kryptonite come from the same source? It’s true. Just like superman, you have power that lives inside of you that can help propel you forward. You also have internal mechanisms that hold you back from achieving your goals.

Recently, I became very aware of one of my superpowers, which stems from an experience in my youth. My mother, Judy, along with being a caring, loving, strong woman that raised three children, is also a financial genius!

She was the financial mastermind behind all of the businesses that she and my father ran (and there were many)! And she ran her household finances just as efficiently. She found the money to send my sister to college, pay for my competitive dance training and pay for whatever toy my father brought home.

She could make and manage a budget and stretch a dollar like nobody’s business.

My mom was very vocal about finances in our family. We talked about money a lot. We were required to have bank accounts, to hold jobs, to contribute to our own expenses and to save for our future. All of this made me, and my siblings, very fiscally responsible.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. When I launched my business, I discovered that one of my superpowers is my ability to manage finances. I work with a tax coach so I can run my QuickBooks for my company like a master. I created an operating budget, run a cash flow analysis and have a ton of financial transparency in my business. This allows me to make sound financial decisions, and I have my mother to thank for that!

BUT my mom also put intense fear in me around spending money frivolously. This means I bring fear into my financial decisions. I feel guilty when I spend money. I have trouble investing in myself and in things that I know would be beneficial for me and my business. No matter how much money is in my bank account, it FEELS like it’s never enough. I am constantly judging myself about my money habits which holds me back from taking the risks and big leaps that would allow me to grow my business. I have realized that this is my kryptonite!

So what’s going on here?

Superpowers and Kryptonite Come From The Same Source!

My mom created a belief system in me around money, and sometimes those beliefs serve me well, and sometimes they hold me back. Your belief system is at the root of your Superpowers, AND the source of your Kryptonite!

It all comes back to your beliefs. Your beliefs are always impacting the way you interact with the world. However, they are often unconscious or subconscious which means they run in the background. Most of time, you are unaware of how your belief system is impacting you. Bun in fact, it plays an incredibly important role because it is so powerful.

When something is holding you back from achieving your goals, your dreams or the results you want, you can look to your belief system for answers. When you are looking for your Superpowers that are going to take you to your next level…you look at your belief system!

When you discover and understand your belief system – you can find your Superpower AND your Kryptonite.

OK. So how exactly can you identify your beliefs, especially if they are unconscious?

The Formula For Your Belief Systems

Here is any easy formula for you to follow…

Your Belief System = External Data + Internalization

What does that mean exactly?

“External Data” are the things that have happened to you. It’s your experiences–your education, your relationships, your familial and cultural perspectives, etc… (This is part of what I call your “backpack” which you can read about here.) That means the clues to your beliefs are in your experiences.

Part of the coaching process is to help you SEE your beliefs–where they came from, how they’re serving you and how they are holding you back. You use your past experiences and view them from a different lens. This allows you to see and accept what has shaped you and utilize it for growth. It’s such an Ah Ha moment when this shift happens…like a lightbulb going off. And I LOVE it when that happens. Because that’s the moment when change becomes possible.

Here’s what happens…

When you identify the “External Data” that created your belief, you can re-shape it. You take it out, look at it, examine it and understand it so you can change your response to it instead of being on auto-pilot.  In the formula, it’s like you “un-internalize” the data. The moment you bring it into the light, it starts to lose its power.

Once you can see it for what it is, you have the ability to CHOOSE. You get to decide which beliefs you are going to keep, and which ones you are going to shift. It’s like the mother of all Superpowers!

Your goal is to be able to play with your superpower and your kryptonite because they exist on the same continuum. You can allow them to be there at the same time. Then you can manage how far you want to swing.  You become aware when your superpower starts to cross the line and becomes destructive rather than supportive. 

When does your Superpower become your Kryptonite?

It’s a delicate balance!

For me, my beliefs about money were putting fear and lack energy out into the world. And I never want to come from that place! When you put fear and lack into the world, that’s what you’ll get back. And that’s what happened! My business was stalled and I was using a ton of energy to push through on my own rather than looking for opportunities and investments that would create growth.

This is the part of my belief system I let go of! I kept my financial awareness and fiscal agility. But I now live from an abundance mentality! It’s amazing what a small shift in your beliefs can do for your life!

This is one of the elements of transformational coaching. It’s how I help my clients own their superpowers and overcome their kryptonite.

Do you want to know what’s holding you back from taking a step forward (or in a new direction)? Uncover the reasons you haven’t been able to create transformational change in your life? I can help with that! Schedule your free consultation here.

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