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Life On Your Terms


I work with individuals that want to take action, get results and live life on their own terms.

Do you find yourself stuck in a career or relationship that no longer inspires you, want guidance on finding your purpose or want to make a change but simply can’t bring yourself to do it? Maybe you are stressed out, have anxiety or are feeling burned out. Do you have a dream that you have not been able to bring to life?

Then transformational coaching is for you.

Our Services

Through Red Baron Coaching, Kerri offers transformational services to individuals and groups.

“Deeply meaningful, positive change”

“Kerri is an insightful, warm and wonderful transformational coach. I highly recommend Red Baron Coaching to anyone who is looking to make deeply meaningful, positive change in their life and business!”

– Jessica L. –


One-on-one coaching allows you to work with Kerri on your specific situation and goals. It starts by gaining self-awareness and connecting to your deeper purpose and values. You’ll see transformation in your life as you confidently make decisions and create small but powerful shifts from a place of inner authenticity.

As a coaching client, you will…

  • Gain confidence even in uncertainty
  • Connect to your values and your purpose
  • Clarify and own your vision
  • Get un-stuck and move forward on your journey
  • Break-free and create sustainable change
  • Make decisions that are right for you
  • Identify your bad-ass dreams and bring them to life

It starts with a conversation


Kerri can bring her signature, interactive workshops to your group or organization. These can be done in person or virtually. In a small group setting, participants get hands-on attention and the opportunity to practice and create shifts through engaging exercises. Talk with Kerri to discuss which topic is the best fit for you.


Feeling disconnected? Discover the building blocks of living a connected, joyful life, including the 5 elements that are required in order to find your purpose.


Change is inevitable and constant. It should be embraced and celebrated instead of dreaded and avoided. Learn key behaviors that allow leaders and individuals to adapt and even thrive through change.


See what it takes to be successful in your transformational journey. Explore three tools that change the way you see yourself and experience your life.


Kerri can also do workshops and training sessions on topics like…

5 Behaviors of
a Cohesive team

Employee Engagement: Moving from Motivation to Inspiration

Giving Yourself Permission
to Put Yourself First

Everything DiSC assessments
and learning modules


Kerri facilitates group programs where participants learn and grow together. Check out her current programs:


Parents are under a lot of pressure these days. You’re trying to make sure your kids are getting what they need and worrying about their mental, emotional and physical health. Parenting can be a lonely, isolating and exhausting experience. But it doesn’t have to be!

Brave Parenting Circles provide parents a space to be in conversation with each other to explore their emotions, share their challenges, and create solutions that decrease stress and increase joy.


Unlock Your Maximum Potential

Need a change? Want to live into your fullest potential? In this free mini-workshop you’ll… 

  • Tap into your deepest desires and values – the heart of your true potential.
  • Make a small but critical shift to kick‑start your transformation.
  • Discover how to make your outside world match your inner vision!

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”–Tim Fargo